Interesting Food Schemes

If one had a group of people with ageing parents, It would be feasible to do some sort of larger scale, healthy batch cooking scheme, possibly employing a professional cook

West Notts Food Bank:

Bags of Taste:


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Retirement Villages / Complexes

There are now a variety of innovative housing options, which go beyond the normal care homes and warden assisted flats eg:

Larger ‘resort-like’ Apartment complexes with shared facilities / wardens (Fees and exit fees can be an issue)
Co-Living options where pensioners share a larger home
Retirement Villages, sometimes co-operatively owned and run by the residents

Please send us your information


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Care Costs

This is something we know very little about, but is a big area of concern, given the current state of social care funding.
We are hoping to get some experts to come and advise us


How the care system works across the UK:  –


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The ‘Surprise View’ Walk

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Scams to look out for

Unfortunately, there are a lot of frauds and scams attempted on the elderly.


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Tramper Off-Road Mobility Scooter Hire at Park Visitor Centres

One of the best uses of a mobility scooter is to be able to go for walks / outings with the family in parks and leisure areas.

Excellent Scheme – you join for an annual fee of £21, then you can use special off-road scooters at various parks / centres in Derbyshire, free of charge:

Youtube of a similar scheme down south:

If you google the following, you will get links to a lot of other ‘mobility in the country’  links:

You have to do a quick training course in using the Tramper, as shown in below Youtube:


These guys have got the right idea- a rambling on mobility scooters club:




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Looking after your own Mental Health

Mindfulness is highly recommended

Womens Hour on ‘The Sandwich Generation’

A recent report explores the growing pressures on working women who are caring for elderly parents as well as children or grandchildren. The report by IPPR titled “The Sandwich Generation: Older Women Balancing Work and Care”, outlines recommendations for reflecting the growing demands on women, the nation’s carers, in policy. Woman’s Hour talks to Dalia Ben-Galim Associate Director and one of the co-authors of the report at IPPR and we hear from Cari Rosen at about the experiences of the Sandwich Generation.

Also Womens Hour on Caring for Elderly parents: 


Good TedX talk on Youtube:

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Knowledge we would like to share

Recommended Books

Experience of local Nursing Homes


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Mobility Scooters – you can now buy a used one for £200

There are lots of used mobility scooters on ebay for a fraction of the new cost.
See my article:

If you are likely to take the scooter by car, to places away from home, make sure you get one that comes to pieces, a so called ‘boot scooter’. The small boot scooters have very small, jolty wheels. A mid size scooter with the larger wheels, which comes apart is a better option, eg the Explorer 4 / Roma Sorrento / Sterling Sapphire 2 :

The below is a Pride GoGo – a very popular small wheel ‘booter’. They are marvels of engineering. The only problem is the small and jolty wheels, which are fine in a perfectly smooth shopping centre, but may be too jolty on an uneven pavement.



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Useful Gadgets & Equipment – a directory of items to help with independent living:

Gas Detector- available on Amazon – starts bleeping if it smells gas – put it next to the cooker:






-LED Bulbs – are a good idea. CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent) can trip the tripswitch when they blow. LEDs are supposed to last much longer and don’t seem to trip the tripswitch.

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