Mobility Scooters – you can now buy a used one for £200

There are lots of used mobility scooters on ebay for a fraction of the new cost.
See my article:

If you are likely to take the scooter by car, to places away from home, make sure you get one that comes to pieces, a so called ‘boot scooter’. The small boot scooters have very small, jolty wheels. A mid size scooter with the larger wheels, which comes apart is a better option, eg the Explorer 4 / Roma Sorrento / Sterling Sapphire 2 :

The below is a Pride GoGo – a very popular small wheel ‘booter’. They are marvels of engineering. The only problem is the small and jolty wheels, which are fine in a perfectly smooth shopping centre, but may be too jolty on an uneven pavement.



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